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The cosplay video from Kamicon is now live! Make sure to subscribe to the Youtube channel and Facebook page for more cosplay goodness in the future. March is going to be an incredibly big month for SPN Creatives in terms of con attendance. 

Cosplay fan video for Nashville Anime Day that was held Murfreesboro, Tennessee this past weekend. Got quite lazy with this one but I’m happy with the video quality (shooting at 1080 30fps). I’m hoping to have my DIY steadicam fully built by the next event. Enjoy the video and share it with everyone you know!

Had a great time shooting some footage at a local gaming convention called ScoreCon.

For anyone that is wondering, I do also post my videos on Youtube (same account: spncreatives)

My second MTAC Omega cosplay fan video is now available in HD!

MTAC Omega 2012 [Visual 1 of 2]

I had a wonderful time shooting this video at MTAC this past weekend. I’m currently working on the second video as we speak but for now here’s the first one.

(Source: spncreatives)

OmniCon 2012 [Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts Photoshoot]

Here’s my first attempt at a cosplay fan video. This video was shot at a multi-genre convention in Tennessee. I’d highly recommend that you watch this video in high definition for the best quality. Thanks for watching and please leave any feedback!

Anonymous said: wait COOKEVILLE has a con?! i looked it up, and it's at tech right? this shit cray. i live there. xD how is it compared to MTAC?

This will be my first year at the con but I have a feeling that it will be smaller than MTAC :D